News of relevance to the Parish or region may appear here. Most current is the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.


The building is closed; the Church is open.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis Sunday Masses across the Diocese of Cairns were suspended on 22 March, and so the faithful are dispensed from the Sunday obligation. The Federal Government then ordered the closure of all churches (and other public venues) from Monday 23 March. Consequently, all public Masses and all liturgies in our churches are cancelled.

Inside St James' Church during the Covid-19 crisis, in Lent.

Download the pastoral letter from Bishop James with the Covid-19 directives, but many have since been superseded.

Please see the links page for prayer and liturgical resources for use at home during this time of crisis.

Easter in time of Covid-19

The Holy See has issued a Decree with directions for this year’s liturgical celebrations of the Paschal Triduum (Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday), the most important days in the Christian year, but which have been suspended as public events. A resource is now in preparation in accordance with the norms the Decree clarified.